FLL Ft Lauderdale Airport

FLL Ft Lauderdale Airport

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Everyone loves to travel. Go to see family in a different state or even need to just make a quick getaway. Maybe you need to take a vacation. The only problem is, how are you going to get there? Depending on how far you are travelling, flying is your best option. Many people do not drive any more when it comes to travelling to different states. The long car rides can often take a toll on people’s ability to drive. Unless you have multiple people who can take turns driving, it can become a real problem for most people. That is why families rather fly. At Ft Lauderdale Airport, there are over 23 million passengers that fly every year. Those people are relying upon the air planes to get them to their destination. Ft Lauderdale Airport is a very large scaled airport in the Broward County. This allows it to hold thousands of passengers at a time. No wonder why it was ranked number 21 in the total number of traffic. That is a seriously high rank when it comes to the amount of people that pass through this airport on a daily basis.

At the Ft Lauderdale Airport, there are over 60,000 travellers that will go through all of the terminals on a daily basis. When it comes to the actual air flights themselves, there are over 621 commercial flights that fly on 30 different air plane companies. Yes, that is a very high number of flights. However, that number is not including the 125 flights that are flown on private or charter air crafts. Located conveniently on every wall throughout the facility are air flight trackers. For families that are waiting for their loved ones to arrive at Ft Lauderdale Airport, you can watch the flight from the projected monitors. These monitors will provide you with real-time data. This information transmits flight information regarding delays, estimated arrival times and more. It is important to provide as much information to the public regarding all flights that are involved with this Ft Lauderdale Airport.

These real-time data monitors, allow our chauffeurs to monitor your flight. We want to ensure that we are on time when your plane lands. However, if your plane is delayed, then we will not be there until your plane lands. With many taxi companies, they will charge you for waiting at the airport for you. Even if your plane is delayed, you will still be charged. That is not how we operate things here at West Florida Limousines of Sarasota. We do not have a meter that calculates your cost for airport transportation. Our luxury service provides comfort and relaxation while we drive you to your destination.

A great feature of this airport is that there are viewing areas offered. You will find maps located around the facility that will guide you to these areas. You and your families can watch as planes fly in and out of the terminals. You could also listen to them if you have a satellite radio. There are now capabilities that allow the community to listen in on the Tower conversations. You will be able to hear the pilots giving flight coordination’s and weather updates. You may even hear funny conversations between other pilots in different air planes.

No matter the location or destination you are trying to get to, you can always fly out of Ft Lauderdale Airport. These clean and comfortable air planes provide you and your families safe travels as you are crossing other states. For your transportation to the airport, we have that part covered. Just inform us of your flight information and we will drop you off on time. Once your plane has landed, then our chauffeur will be waiting for you at baggage claim.